The Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for the Maxwell Solar Farm has been submitted to the NSW Government. The EIS is available to download online from the NSW Government’s Major Projects website:

The ‘Maxwell Solar Project’ is proposed to have an installed capacity of about 25MW and provide 50 more jobs for the local area during construction.

The project is a great use for a site that has previously been subject to open cut mining and is another example of Malabar’s commitment to the local area, the local economy and, above all, to coexistence with a wide range of industries and activities.

Working at capacity, the solar farm would generate enough energy from the sun to power about 10,000 local homes.

maxwell solar map


 Project Documents

13/12/2019  Maxwell Solar Project EIS Goes on Public Display pdf
13/12/2019 Environmental Impact Statement link
20/08/2019  Malabar Coal to Seek Approval for "Maxwell Solar Project" pdf